“R+I Journeys” is an alternative chronicle (Gonzo storytelling), that takes you on our creative entrepreneurial trip in the unfamiliar city of Hong Kong. Make sure to check DAY 1 and DAY 4 if you missed it!

An abstract short film experimenting with the Galaxy Note’s hd capabilities.

Weather in Hong Kong in April is mainly sunny with reasonable humidity levels.
It also brings periods of heavy rain that seem insignificant to most people here.

The city looks like a totally different place with the rain.
It kind of gives you that cinematic photography feel with subtle lights.

This famous quote sums it up quite well:

"Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet"

Life is not about those who learn how to cope with the rainy days in their lives, but is instead about how people are willing to learn how to dance in the rain. Life is about learning to feel the rain, learning how to make what many may view in a negative light in a positive manner. In order to do this we have to train our minds to think as positively as possible.

We have to be able to take the challenges that life throws at us and turn them into steps in order to best conquer our futures. We have to be willing to not only get wet from going and working hard in our lives, but we must also learn how to enjoy the feelings of being challenged in our lives. Don’t just get wet; enjoy the times in which you are challenged in life, so that you may better appreciate the times when life is peaceful.

_Unknown Author 

If you were wondering what kind of local music is leading the chart in Hong Kong, here is HMV asian chart.

1. SITA CHAN - Crazy Love
2. WYMAN WONG - Y100
3. OST- Love in the Buff
4. SHOW LUO - Good Show
5. BIG BANG (KOREA) - Alive
6. MR - Misterdays
CHEUNG, LESLIE - Four Seasons

Heading to DDB Headquarter for a meeting with VP Eric Phu.

Unfortunately when times plays against you, no one can escape from it…we call it the universal language.

Originally from Canada, Leo Kam has made his class with british Chef Gordon Ramsey in MAZE London Restaurant. He is the kind of folk who is really passionate about his craft.
We join him at a private kitchen located near Central, to discuss about Korean cuisine (his speciality).

Leaving HK for a few days, R+I meets Shanghai…


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