For those who’ve missed DAY 1, “R+I Journeys” is an alternative chronicle (Gonzo storytelling), that takes you on our creative entrepreneurial trip in the unfamiliar city of Hong Kong.


Sometimes building a career feels like being constantly torn between two paths with multiple options…Chinese historic philosophy recommands: "Take the middle route. In other words, don’t go to extremes."
What are your thoughts about this recommendation? 

These pictures of bamboo scaffolding represent quite well how Asian countries like Honk Kong fuse their tradition with contemporary development.

Here is an excerpt from Design Boom’s article on Hong Kong Bamboo scaffolding:
"Extremely eco-friendly and cost-effective resource, it continues to be used for this purpose because it is durable enough to support the weight of builders, their equipment and materials, but is lightweight itself.
Unlike typical metal scaffolding, bamboo can also be cut and tailor-made to suit any contour of construction - it can be configured into a variety of shapes and follow irregular architectural features of a building, and takes very little time to build-up.”

Hong Kong trams are definitely something you can’t miss out on in the city. Advertisers compete for your attention. These double-decker streetcars have been travelling through Hong Kong’s busiest thoroughfares since 1904.

Take one of these and you’ll feel immediatly connected to local people and honestly even if taking the taxi is inexpensive here, you’ll never have the view you’ll have when sitting next to the window on the upper deck.

Heading to McCann Hong Kong Headquarter for a meeting with ECD Thierry Halbroth.

You’ll never be disappointed with the food here, you have so many choices, from traditional/local to european food (for those who miss their country).
We experience the famous Korean Bibimbap, not as good as our favourite one Rue Clapeyron in Paris, but go for it!

Born in Hong Kong to English-Chinese parents, DANIELLE HUTHART 夏美詩 is the creative force behind WHITESPACE. After a decade in New York she returned to Hong Kong and founded the studio in 2005, which specializes in design direction and branding.
We sit down with her in her cosy studio located in Sheung Wan and share some projects with her.

The brothers from Belgium were back for another round of madness at VOLAR:
Of course we couldn’t miss this! Thanks to Ben & Jaime Ku who kindly invited us :)

2MANYDJS are The Dewaele brothers: Stefaan Van Leuven and Steve Slingeneyer previously known as Soulwax (mash-up). They released their first album in 1996 with Leave The Story Untold.



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