Welcome to “R+I Journeys”: An alternative chronicle (Gonzo blogging + storytelling), that takes you on our creative entrepreneurial trip in the unfamiliar city of Hong Kong.

Everybody has heard about Hong Kong, but not so many has the chance to experience this metropolis. Hong Kong is part of these few cities where innovation is mixed to tradition. People are looking to the future, without forgetting their roots.

The first time we came to Hong Kong was last october, we were shooting a commercial for Reebok Asia Pacific, our stay was just 6 days (not to mention 6 days of hard work) but it was enough to fall in love with the city.
Hong Kong is like a woman who catches your eye, she’s mysterious, magnetic, complex and charming.
Hong Kong we are back…

322 Des Voeux Road West… (Wishes Road in english) this is where we’ve unpacked our bag for a month at The Henry. It’s a very convenient and nice place to live, which is good for our immersion. The streets are packed with people, shops and tiny restaurants with traditional foods…hopefully this road will be aptly named…

What’s amazing with Hong Kong is how advertising got a big place in this city, from the MTR station equipped with retro projectors, on top of the bus, to fully decorated trams, every free space is optimized so you can’t miss it…

FOOD! Hong Kong seems to be the perfect place for bon-vivant. You can find whatever you want to eat in this city and honestly it won’t kill your budget, you can eat decently with US$3 in your pocket. 
We couldn’t start without the DIM SUM tradition and “drinking tea” (YUM CHA, 飲茶)

Heading to Adidas APAC Headquarter for a meeting with CBIC :)

TOMMY TON is best known for his street-style photography, his subjects are often the world’s leading stylists and editors, whom he photographs in and around the runway shows. To celebrate the launch of his collaboration with CLUB MONACO, we were invited in their Hong Kong Boutique located in Queen’s Road Central to discover his indeniable talent.


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